Making a Better Shield Grip

Playmobil makes a number of different shield styles. A few of them have decent grips that allow a klicky to hold the shield in a variety of reasonable positions. But some Playmobil shields, including the most common type, have terrible shield grips that make it impossible for the poor little klickies to defend themselves properly. So this is my rant on shield grips, and how I solved the problem myself.

The Good:

The best Playmobil shield grip that I am aware of is on the round shield with metal center piece. This is a versatile grip, with grip rods both parallel and perpendicular to the shield. It is the perpendicular grip rod that is so useful on this shield. Being that the shield is round, and the grip is offset from the center, one can rotate the shield into a number of reasonable positions.

The Bad:

The worst Playmobil shield grip is, unfortunately, found on their most popular shield type. If a klicky wants to hold the shield at a typical orientation, they must hold their arms out from their body. This looks ridiculous. If they want to hold the shield close to their body, they must rotate it at a funny angle, hold it to the side, or grip it by the top...perfect protection for when your opponent just wants to cut your leg off. Why, why, why? Why does Playmobil keep manufacturing such a lame shield grip?

The Gorgeous:

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I designed a shield grip that was simple and versatile. Using some Sculp-Epox, I welded together a Playmobil cuff and a single perpendicular grip rod. Thus I had a grip that allows a Klicky to use the shield just by attaching it to the wrist, leaving both hands free for other things. Or, if the Klicky is wearing arm armor, and thus cannot use the cuff attachment, there is a perpendicular grip to allow for a variety of reasonable positions. I made a mold of this grip so I could cast multiple pieces. This grip works so well that I happily cut the grips off of even the most collectible of shields so that I can glue on a new grip.

There are two tricky parts to fabricating and applying this shield grip. First, be sure to reinforce the cuff with some extra sculp-epox to make it a little thicker, so it doesn't crack. Second, where you glue your grip on the shield is critical. Bad placement will lead to a poorly protected Klicky.

It was so easy to come up with a shield grip solution that (in my opinionated opinion) is vastly superior to Playmobil's. Are they resting on their laurels? Are they taking the easy route? Do they think kids don't care? Whatever the reason, they continue to produce crummy shield grips, and they don't show any signs of changing their ways. So, take matters into your own hands, cut off all your old shield grips, glue on some new ones, and give your Klickies a chance to defend themselves properly.

happy customizing,
cofounder, mofreaky