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NO, all mammals do not have nipples! Monotremes, like the duck-billed platypus, have mammary glands but they do not have nipples. Is Nonippledipides a monotreme?

Anyway, Nonippledipides got 6 votes, but none of those votes was the winning entry. There was, however, a vote for Nonippledipides that deserves special attention. Playmoboard's LadyM wrote this hilarious and heartfelt rambling on klicky nipples and bellybuttons:

"Playmostotle looks like he has a bug bit or acne on his chest. Bare chested the effect is better as there are two bug bites that could be nipples

castocates looks like he has been made out of the durable plastic material used for flooring, that has raised circles all over it. The effect is not very realistic

Titus maximus looks like he has buttons attached to his chest Without hair, the nipples just dont do it for me. maybe if castocrates nipples had been colored, it would look different.

I also dont like the belly buttons on plamostotle, or on castocrates. Playmostotle's looks like paint on the body, and castocrates is too deep. If you must have a navel, then use the one on titus maximus as it is an inny, and not to distracting.

I like nonippledipides the best He carries out the pure playmobil look nothing is distracting, and the toga is extremely striking on his torso you also did a wonderful job with short togas. LadyM"

A big thanks to LadyM all the others who voted for Nonippledipides! Read on for the winning entry...