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...Who has the finest nipples in all of Greece?

Nonippledipides, with, well, no nipples?

Playmostotle, with painted nipples?

Castocrates, with refined cast nipples?

Titus Maximus, with large cast nipples?

You be the judge! Help decide which philosopher has the finest nipples in all of Greece and you will have the chance to win your very own Philosopher Klicky!

Just email your favorite philosopher by using the links below. Tell your favorite philosopher why they have the finest nipples (or lack of nipples). Be as brief or longwinded as you wish, as serious or ridiculous as you wish.

The title of "Ancient Greek Male Philosopher with the Finest Nipples" will go to the klicky receiving the most fan email. And Mofreaky will send a philosopher klicky to the person who wrote the best email, as judged by Mofreaky. But hey, if you don't feel like writing anything, feel free to vote anyway. You might even win! (The last Mofreaky contest had exactly one entrant.)

So what are you waiting for? Email your favorite Greek philosopher:

Mofreaky reserves the right to post anything that you send to us (please state in your email if you wish to remain anonymous). Don't send us your mailing address, we will contact you for that if you are the winner. This contest will be closed on January 1, 2005. This contest was inspired by feedback received from the members of Playmoboard. Thanks for your support! Stay mofreaky...